Family Ophthalmology In Pulaski & Galax, VA

Eye Care

Our complete eye care service offers medical and surgical management for many types of eye conditions. We also offer routine vision check-ups, lens implants, laser surgery, and general ophthalmology.


Uses the latest technology combined with his decades of experience to provide you with the best complete eye care services available. From laser surgery to treatments for glaucoma, and everything
in between. 


When pills and eye drops no longer work, and traditional surgery is not an option for whatever reason, laser surgery can provide lasting results for minimal effort. In fact, most laser surgery is completed within 10 to 15 minutes – and it’s painless!

Lens Implants

This type of self-care can help your situation for the time being, but when your vision loss begins to detrimentally interfere with daily life, it is time to see the eye doctor.

Offering Complete Family Eye Care for the New River Valley

From yearly checkups to small incision cataract surgery, glaucoma testing and treatment, as well as a wide range of ophthalmology services. Glenn K. Davis IK, MD, PC has proudly provided quality eye care services to the New River Valley for more than 30 years. Whether you suffer from an eye disease or are in need of an eye examination, please call our office to schedule an appointment, for our Pulaski office (540) 980-1965 for our Galax office (276) 236-8307.

Correct or Maintain Your Vision with Dr. Davis’ Eye Care Services

Do you need new glasses? Are you concerned about glaucoma, cataracts, or diabetic eye conditions? At the offices of Glenn K. Davis II MD, PC, in Pulaski and Galax, VA, we can help you maintain and improve the vision and quality of life of the New River Valley patients of all ages. Call today to find out more!

The Only Full-Time Family Ophthalmologist in Pulaski, Carroll, & More

As a family ophthalmology center serving the eye care needs of Pulaski, Galax, and all of the surrounding areas, we offer a wide variety of ophthalmology services including routine check-ups and treatment for glaucoma and diabetic eye conditions. Dr. Davis remains the only full-time ophthalmologist serving the counties of Pulaski, Carroll, Grayson, Wythe, and continues to serve the entire New River Valley.

Dr. Davis maintains surgical privileges with Lewis Gale Pulaski Community Hospital and Twin Counties Community Hospital. If you are looking to update to a new pair of glasses, are in need of eye surgery or treatment for your glaucoma and diabetic eye conditions, schedule an appointment today.

Eye Care Services for Pulaski, Galax, New River Valley, & More

General Ophthalmology

Family Eye Care

Laser Surgery

Small Incision

Cataract Surgery

Lens Implants

Glaucoma Treatment

Diabetic Eye Conditions

Complete Eye Exams