Healthy Vision Month Tips

Get Ready With Some Tips from Glenn K. Davis, II, MD

For Healthy Vision Month, Glenn K. Davis, II, MD offers some tips to keep our vision in better shape. From making an eye exam appointment to eating healthier, each healthy vision month tip is a stepping stone. The ultimate goal is helping each of us achieve healthier vision, so read on.


Start With Personal Choices for Healthy Vision Month

Every day offers a wealth of personal choices we can make this Healthy Vision Month. We hope you decide to try them to see how well these might fit into your daily routine. Some tips are easier than others. You may already do some of these and not realize the benefits they have on your vision health.


1. Choose not to smoke.

Tobacco smoke and chemicals from vaping can affect your eyes and health. Choosing not to smoke can help lower your cataracts and macular degeneration risks.


2. Monitor chronic health conditions.

Knowing you have high blood pressure or glaucoma means diligence for your vision. If you take medication or need close monitoring by your healthcare provider, stay on track. Speak with Dr. Davis about how chronic conditions can affect your vision.


Visit Dr. Davis to Discuss Healthy Vision Matters

Along with the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Dr. Davis promotes ways we all can join in better eye health. In Healthy Vision Month tip two, we said you might consult with Dr. Davis about chronic conditions affecting your vision.

  1. Visit your trusted eye doctor.

You might have an undiagnosed vision problem, so making an appointment for an exam is another important healthy vision tip. See Dr. Davis for a comprehensive eye exam to screen for any concerns.

  1. Dilated eye exam options.

A dilated eye exam allows Dr. Davis to look for eye diseases early when they are easier to treat. Protecting yourself from vision loss may be as easy as having a dilated eye exam on a set schedule.


Healthy Vision Month Tips: Let’s Get Physical

Additional tips this Healthy Vision Month center around food and exercise. Getting even a little more exercise in the fresh air can make a world of difference for your eye health.

  1. Increase your activity level.

Studies show that physical activities like a brief daily walk can lower your risk for other health conditions. Those with limited mobility can benefit from modified movements like stretching or exercising with light weights to work the muscles.

  1. Healthy eating may be most enjoyable.

You may already enjoy eating eye-healthy foods and not realize it. Try dark, leafy greens like spinach or kale, with fish high in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon and tuna. Mix and match with different seasonings to explore exciting flavor options.


Make Sun and Screen Protection Part of Healthy Vision Month

It’s May, it’s nice out, and the outdoors beckons. Whether you are running errands or relaxing in the park, remember to bring your sunglasses.

  1. Wear sunglasses outdoors every day.

Even on cloudy days or when you are in the shade, rays from the sun can affect your eyes. Save your eyes from bright sunlight, glare, and more by wearing your sunglasses regularly.

  1. Take a health break from your screen.

Constantly looking at large and small screens throughout the day can affect eye health. Many visual screen users experience eye strain and fatigue headaches from overuse. Remember to take regular eye health breaks, and rest your eyes with a little less screen time.


Make time this month to try some or all of these Healthy Vision Month tips. You may even challenge your family and friends to see who tries the most suggestions. As mentioned, be sure to discuss any eye health concerns with Dr. Davis. Let him know how well you did with these Healthy Vision Month tips.


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