Sports Eye Safety Month 2022

Glenn K. Davis, II, MD in Pulaski and Galax is Ready to Play Ball

It’s Sports Eye Safety Month 2022 this April, and time for another look at playing safely. Glenn K. Davis, II, MD offices in Pulaski, VA and Galax, VA are ready for recreational sports participants—are you? The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) remind us that the right protective eyewear is the best defense against eye injury. Let’s begin there.

No matter the age, sports eye injuries accounted for nearly half of the emergency room visits across the U.S. With baseball season upon us, we must be aware of balls that travel at great speed. Protective glasses are a player’s primary tool for sports eye safety. Keep this in mind whether you play professionally, semi-pro, or amateur sports.

Understand the Many Common Sports Eye Injuries

Some common sports eye injuries are corneal abrasions and bruises on the lids. Serious, vision-threatening internal injuries could include a retinal detachment and internal bleeding. Treatment and recovery from a more serious sports eye injury can take months and could result in severe damage.

These are some valid reasons to think long and hard about protective eyewear this Sports Safety Month 2022. With many hospitals already stressed to capacity due to COVID patients, sports eye injuries require prompt attention. Waiting for care in an emergency waiting room in some locations can take hours.

Avoid Sports-Related Eye Trauma and Find Prompt Treatment

Ophthalmologists regularly remind everyone that most sports-related eye injuries are avoidable. Protective eyewear is your friend—it shields your eyes every time you use it. Replace eyewear that has yellowed with age. Use polycarbonate lenses for sports like field hockey, racquetball, and basketball. Those who wear corrective vision lenses also need to wear adequate safety glasses. Professional-grade goggles should meet national standards.

Speak with Dr. Davis Today About Your Sports Eye Safety Concerns

As mentioned earlier, spring sports season is upon us. Visit The American Academy of Ophthalmology’s EyeSmart® website to learn more. If you play or attend outdoor sporting activities stay alert for flying projectiles.

Those with previous sports-related injury who wonder if they can get back in the game can call our offices. Anyone with sports eye safety concerns can make an appointment to speak with Dr. Davis. As an ophthalmologist, he is keenly aware of treatment and recovery times for sports eye injuries.

For excellence in eye care, schedule your appointment with Glenn K. Davis, II, MD, today. Call our offices in Pulaski, (540) 980-1965, or Galax, (276) 236-8307. Stay in touch by liking us on Facebook for updates on eye health and Sports Eye Safety Month 2022.