Workplace Eye Wellness Month

Glenn K. Davis, II, MD Reminds Us All to Work Safely

March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month, and Glenn K. Davis, II, MD reminds us to work safely. Our eyes are important for vision and so much of what we do, in and out of work. We will go over some common eye injuries that might occur in the workplace.

Eye wellness is something that employers and employees alike must make a priority. While many of us have traded factory work for desk jobs, risk to our eyes remains a top concern. In the workplace, beyond general vision care, what more can we do?


Eye Injury Prevention Tips as Part of Workplace Eye Wellness

According to, over 2,000 Americans suffer an eye injury daily.

“This means that almost one million Americans have experienced some vision loss due to eye injury, which has resulted in more than $300 million in lost work time, medical expenses and workman’s compensation.”

The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) reports nearly 25,000 Americans annually visit an emergency room with a workplace eye injury. They provide an informative web page devoted to treating various eye injuries. It is important for employers that workers wear certified and approved eye protection. Protective gear used may vary, depending on the type of job.


Hazardous Jobs Require Protective Gear and Equipment

Many of us think eye injuries occur due to hazardous outdoor jobs. Some of these include working with animals, landscaping, construction, and more. Private contractors in many industries today require workers to use safety goggles. These serve to protect the eyes from harmful, random debris.

Employers of workers in laboratories and industrial settings often equip their staff with uniforms and head gear with eye protection. Hospital workers, too, can encounter chemicals and more. They recognize the impact and dangers of solvents and other materials relative to eye health and safety.


Computer Use and Screen Time Continue to Impact Our Eyes

The use of computers and other screens in the workplace continue to rank highly for reported eye problems. Irritation, fatigue, headaches, and more can develop with heavy use of computers, tablets, phones, televisions, and monitors. Take the time to adjust the size of your screen display to help eliminate small images and print.

Last year, we offered some ways to improve our digital reading environment. We hope that, if computer use is part of your daily life, you take regular breaks. If you experience possible eye problems, call Dr. Davis for an appointment right away.


Eye Protection in the Workplace: Taking Breaks

One of the best and easiest ways to help protect eyes may simply be to take frequent breaks. With so much time spent reading and using screens today, eye fatigue can bring a host of other issues. For those working in office environments, time away from your desk and screen can offer a few minutes to look elsewhere.

For those of us working from home, taking a break could mean going to another room in the house. Stepping outside for a bit of fresh air can refresh our eyes by giving them a “breather.” Healthy hint: Leave your phone behind to avoid shifting your eyes to yet another screen.


Staying Hydrated as Part of Workplace Eye Wellness

Many of us do not drink enough water to keep our bodies, and our eyes, functioning properly. You may find that certain environments can deplete your body’s water. This can be a particular problem for eyes during the winter months. If your workplace offers water coolers, take advantage of them.

You may notice coworkers who carry a bottle or jug of water with them. Beyond being ecology-conscious, a personal water bottle encourages use. Keep water at your fingertips and drink it throughout the day to lessen the impact of dry winter air.

Another way to keep eyes comfortable is to use over-the-counter eye drops, which many people find beneficial. However, if you do drink plenty of water and still experience eye dryness, speak with Dr. Davis. Your eyes may require more help than the OTC drops provide.


No Matter What Profession, Workplace Eye Wellness is Essential

Eye health is essential to every type of job that we do. Whether your profession is in construction or cabinetmaking, teaching or video game design, we all use our eyes. Sole practitioners and companies alike need to take responsibility for the goal of workplace eye wellness. Success comes with putting knowledge into practice.

Take time to coach your staff and enlighten your coworkers on eye wellness at work. Consider sharing these eye injury prevention tips, remind them to take breaks, and drink more water. And be sure to do these things for yourself. Each of us can do our part in promoting eye wellness now so we can protect our eyes for the future.



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